Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center

Let Wild be Wild


It is with sadness that we remember one of the supporters of FFF, Chris Aderholdt who passed away in December 2020, well before his time and after a short, unexpected illness. Among his many loves - his wife Maureen, photography, his police detective & crime scene jobs, and teaching, was an abiding love for animals and the work of wildlife rehabbers like FFF. What started out as a police rescue of a screech owl on a cold December night in 2004 turned into an ongoing love of wildlife in all its forms and support of FFF - taking photographs, helping out at events, and freezing every February around his birthday when the FFF winter bakesale was going on while helping to set up and raise money for one of his causes close to his heart.

Chris, at his heart was always a funny, giving, loving, smart and stand up guy. As people have asked Maureen how they could remember him, she kindly indicated that contributions to the FFF in his honor would be a wonderful way to do tribute to him and support a cause close to his heart. Missy will rehab and release an eagle that is sponsored by these contributions and post information and updates.