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We are heartbroken to confirm the untimely passing of Barbara “Missy” Runyan, beloved wife, mother, wildlife rehabilitator, educator, and founder of the Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center who dedicated her life to giving voice to the voiceless.

A tireless defender of injured and orphaned creatures who, over the course of her too-short life, rescued and released thousands of animals, Missy opened one of the only facilities in New York State licensed and equipped to treat large mammals like bears and white-tailed deer, and endangered and migratory birds like eagles and raptors.

She pioneered treatment protocols, spearheaded a post-lead GPS tracking study, launched an advocacy campaign against the use of lead bullets and lures, and educated the public about the importance of cohabitating respectfully with wildlife. Especially not feeding animals or keeping them as pets.

Missy’s only goal was to fix medical issues and then get animals back to the wild. “We get a license to take care of wildlife, not to take wildlife, not keep it in a cage in our house. All winter long, I watch bears on camera climb the tree and look over the fence. It’s why I named the enclosure Beartanamo, because it’s a great place to heal a broken leg, but they know they belong on the other side.”

As Missy liked to say during her eagle releases, Native Americans believed the only ones able to get close enough to the heavens are eagles. She is on the other side flying free with her eagles now.

Services will be held on Tuesday October 12th, 5pm-8pm at Decker Funeral Home, 5312 NY-23 in Windham, NY.

In lieu of flowers, to keep Missy’s legacy alive, support the animals in our care and the many who will continue to arrive at the center, make a contribution via the link in our profile page or the donate button at www.fffwildlifecenter.org.


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